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  • Estimating and Maximizing Property Damage Insurance Claim Settlements is what we do at Advocate Public Adjustment. We make sure every dollar is recovered and property restored to a pre-loss condition. We know the claim process...do you? Call Advocate Public Adjustment (215) 364-4546.

  • Fallen Tree claims can cause major damage. Insurance companies hire professionals to look after their interest... Shouldn't You! Can you really trust the insurance comapny to do the right thing these days? Whose interest is really being protected? Call Advocate Public Adjustment (215) 364-4546

  • Weight of Ice and Snow can cause major structural damage to a dwelling. Call Advocate Public Adjustment for a FREE No Obligation Consulatation when this type of property damage ocurrs to your property. (215) 364-4546

  • Fallen Trees -Emergency Roof Tarps - De-ice Roof / Gutters - Tree Debris Removal are just some of the concerns when old man winter decides to get serious. Call Advocate Public Adjustment for a FREE Claims Consultation Call (215) 364-4546

  • Claims Consultants - Our expert property damage insurance claim staff can give immediate claims consulting advice. If you have questions regarding the property damage insurance claim process then call Advocate Public Adjustment for a FREE Insurance Claim Consultation (215) 364-4546

  • Mold Issues? Insurance Companies will be the first to say that they do not cover against mold. Call Advocate Public Adjustment with any mold questuions or issues. We are available 24/7 at (215) 364-4546.

  • Wind Damage Arguments...Such as 'Full Replacement vs. Direct Physical Damage' repairs that change the appearence of your home. In addition devalue the property as a whole. Advocate Public Adjustment does not agree with this type of indemnification interpretation. We fight and pursue what is rightfully owed. Call (215) 364-4546

  • Are you covered for interior water damage from a burst plumbing pipe? Just becuase you have water damage from an accidental discharge of water that escapes the plumbing system doesn't mean that your insurance company is obligated to pay for the damage. You must have the right policy type and endorsements that add coverage. Call Advocate Public Adjustment for a FREE policy review. (215) 364-4546

  • Fire Damage Insurance Claims can be devastating to a family. There are many factors to consider making sure that you and your family maintain the standard of living you are acustom. Never allow the insurance company to use their vendors to establish the amount of loss for you. That is what we do making sure that every aspect of trhe damage is recorded and paid at cost that are acceptable. Call (215) 364-4546

(215) 364-4546 competitive fees 5% -20%

Insurance Company's have professionals looking after their interest...shouldn't you? Never Allow Your Insurance Company to Make Your Claim For You

We are your Advocate Public Adjuster in Property Damage Insurance Claims...Since 1992 we have been negotiating property damage insurance claim settlements for our clients. No matter if it is a single family residential home, town home, condominium, mobile home or a business property. We protect your assets making sure your are fully indemnified for a competitive fee 5%-20%