December, 2012

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Water Damage

Water Damage

Water damage, Mold Damage and Flood Damage are some of the most common reasons WHY people file claims with their home insurance carrier. Broken pipes, appliances that leak and basements that flood are just a few of the ways you could discover exactly what is and is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

You need Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters to help deliver the results you deserve as a policyholder when water damage occurs.

Water damage insurance claim evaluations can complicated if you are not trained properly by leading water restoration methods used in the industry.

Water damage to your home is not always apparent or visible. However there are techniques that we use in the water damage insurance claim business that can pin point the smallest amount of moisture levels that they eye cannot notice.

Extreme care should be taken to inspect all aspects of a water damage to your home, business and personal property. Once you have a three hundred sixty degree view on the extent of water damage problem can be outlined.

Precise drying out techniques and proper methods of repair are defined along with proper clean up techniques to fix the water damaged area and any other areas which could have exposed your home to future issues due to the water damage event.

22 + Years experience is crucial when assessing the full extent of a water damage event. Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters have the water damage knowledge for proper construction methods, proper water damage clean-up methods and the critical water damage estimating systems to develop a thorough line by line unit cost insurance estimate that works to your advantage.

One call to Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters can change the anxiety levels when water damage occurs to your home. Our Public Adjusters respond fast and take control once on the scene.

Insurance company’s are in business of running past the details which lead you to a more equitable recovery. Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters will make certain to maximize the insurance claim recovery to your home, business and or personal  property.

Your home is your most valuable possession that is unless you have children of course. We protect your assets and cover your interest making sure that you are compensated for every dollar owed.  Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters will see to it that you restore your home back to the proper condition and minimize the haggling and stress your insurance company will impose on you when filing a water damage insurance claim.

Contact Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters today to start the water damage insurance claim process. Call (215) 364-4546 or 1- 855-000-0000

Get the maximum settlement that you deserve from a water damage insurance claim.

Our Public Adjusters can start working for you right now. As a licensed, bonded public insurance adjuster, Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters has the experience necessary to negotiate for your right to a proper equitable water damage insurance claim. We are Your Advocate in Water Damage Insurance Claims!

When it comes time for insurance companies to pay for mold damage then they usually take a different stance and start to argue that mold is not cover under the policy of insurance. Most of the time they will deliberately misrepresent policy interactions to favor their letter of denial.

We have 22 + years of water damage claim knowledge and know the arguments to make on your behalf. After all that is what we do as an Advocate. So don’t worry about your mold limits when you hire Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters, we consider the first cause of loss to be water and not mold.

When disaster strikes, people often try to handle the claim themselves. Guess what you might be able to do that if you have the time and right road map to follow like Property Claim Tips. Visit if you think you would want to try and negotiate yourself saving money on contingency fees. No other public adjusting firm offers the kind of services that we do as your Advocate in Water Damage Insurance Claim recovery services…

Never allow the insurance company to make your claim for you.

Think of it this way … you turn over your taxes to a professional for a $2,000 refund, so why would you attempt to handle a $25,000 $50,000, or even $100,000+ insurance claim yourself without having professional public adjuster assistance or the industry knowledge needed when maximizing water damage insurance claims.

Unless you are experienced and trained in water damage insurance claims as our Public Adjusters are, then handling your own major loss would be like going to court without an attorney if you didn’t get the right kind of help or consulting. We offer water damage insurance claim consulting as well. This is another services that other public adjusting firms do not offer. Go to service.

Now would be the time to contact Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters or Property Claim Tips.

We know insurance, more importantly; we know and understand water damage insurance claims and know how to maximize your claim settlement.

Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters are experts that  work only for you not the insurance company. We prepare, submit and negotiate the entire insurance claim on your behalf, acting as your advocate in water damage.

We are able to explain the process, and inform you of your options every step of the way. Having 22 + years of claim experience dealing with the largest insurance companies in the country, we know what it takes to showcase a claim. Unlike larger Public Adjusting companies that settle on claims quickly in order to pay everyone involved with your claim  we strive for referrals and fight hard to make sure you receive the largest water damage insurance claim settlement possible.

Insurance policies are confusing, and unless you deal in the insurance industry on a regular basis then you need an Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjuster looking after your best interest or at minimum then contact Property Claim Tips to learn and understand how to submit water damage insurance claims yourself. The bottom line is that we are here to service your water damage needs and offer many different types of water damage claim help as Your Advocate

Call Today (215) 364.4546 1-(888) 855-000-0000

Rick Kinney

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Rick Kinney

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Homeowner Insurance Claim

Homeowner Insurance Claim

My Home Was Damaged During a Burglary. Is This Damage Covered?

Generally, your policy’s Dwelling Protection coverage would apply to this situation under theft. Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjusters can determine the extent of damage to the building from the break in – theft. Never allow the insurance company to make your claim for you when submitting a homeowner insurance claim. Our homeowner insurance claim representatives would be happy to explain what your policy covers by offering a FREE Policy Evaluation.


Are Most Homeowner Insurance Claim Handled Differently when Property Damage occurs from Natural Disasters?

If a natural disaster results in a significant number of homeowner insurance claims reported at one time, then this is declared a “catastrophe” and is considered a Cat Loss.

Most insurance companies have catastrophe adjusters that are from different parts of the country and are hired to assist in the adjustment of the homeowner insurance claim. This is why you really need to hire an Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjuster. We protect your interest when these people come to evaluate the extent of damage. They are here today and gone tomorrow. We are here to stay and know what you are legally entitled to under the policy of insurance you purchased.

Can I submit a Homeowner Insurance Claim for Flood Damage?

Flood coverage is provided through the National Flood Insurance Program, and if you have one of those policies, your damages may be covered. Your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover flood damage. You need a Flood Policy.


My Damaged Home Is Not Safe. Will My Homeowner Insurance Claim Cover the Cost for Temporary Living Arrangements?


If your policy has Additional Living Expenses coverage, and a loss that your policy covers makes your home uninhabitable, then your policy would pay for additional living expenses needed to maintain your normal standard of living. Check your Declarations Page under Coverage D – Loss of Use / ALE to see if you have Additional Living Expense coverage and what your limits are. One of our helpful claim representatives also can assist you with these and other questions that you may have if you think you may have a homeowner insurance claim.


My Tree Fell on My House. Does My Policy Cover the Damages and should I file a Homeowner insurance Claim?

Generally, all homeowner insurance policies sold on the market cover against (Windstorm) Damage. When fallen trees damage your property then you really need to call Advocate Public Adjustment to evaluate the extent of damage. Insurance Companies want to perform repairs instead of providing full replacement cost benefits. If the tree damage the roof or siding system no matter how old the building materials are they want to pay for the direct physical damage that the tree impact caused. They do not take into consideration the big picture. Matching arguments are very common in today’s homeowner insurance claim process. This is why you need to call us first.


How Will I Know If I’m Being Screwed from my Homeowner Insurance Claim?  What Should I Do?


If you receive a denial letter or low ball repair estimate that is not going to cover the cost to repair your property then you are probably getting screwed. You should call Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjuster claim representative and immediately forward any paperwork we request. Do not hesitate in contacting Advocate Public Adjustment if you thing you are getting screwed after you have already submitted a homeowner insurance claim.

How Long Will My Homeowner Insurance Claim Take to Process?

Every homeowner insurance claim is unique, and many things can affect how long it takes to resolve a home owner insurance claim. However, we want you to know that our homeowner insurance claim public adjusters are made up of experienced professionals who have settled thousands of homeowner insurance claims similar to yours day in and day out. With over 22+ year’s full time claims experience. We always do our best to get your claim resolved quickly and equitably. You can help your claim process go smoothly by providing us with all the information you can about the incident. Talk with our public adjuster homeowner insurance claim team to make sure you’ve given us everything we need.


What is a Deductible?


A deductible is the amount you’ve agreed to pay out of your pocket before the insurance company makes a payment under your homeowner insurance covered loss. For example, if the covered claim is $4,500 and you picked a $500 deductible, you pay $500, and we then pay the remaining $4,000.  However there is no money that comes out of your pocket like an automobile claim. The deductible is subtracted from the RCV amount of your homeowner insurance claim.


Will My Premium Increase If I File a Homeowner Insurance Claim?

Every policyholder’s situation is unique so the answer to this depends on the circumstances and merits of your homeowner insurance claim. If your homeowner insurance claim causes you to lose a discount – such as the Claim Free Discount – then your premium will increase.

Also there is what is called a policy claim surcharge if you’ve had one or more property claims. Most state insurance departments have allowed insurance companies to penalize you the policy holder as the result of submitting a homeowner insurance claim.

Yes Penalize You!!!

We feel that this is absurd after all you pay your premium year after year. If property damage occurs as a result of no fault of your own and you file a homeowner insurance claim then you are going to get penalized. This is why it is very important to contact us first. We do not submit homeowner insurance claims just so that we can make a few hundred dollars like many of our public adjuster competitors do these days. If they claim is not worth filing we will tell you that as your Advocate Public Adjustment Public Adjuster. 

Contact your insurance agent and inquire about how submitting a claim might affect your premium and the agent’s loss ratio. That’s right your trusty insurance agent really doesn’t want you to submit a homeowner insurance claim because it affects the agents bottom line and loss ratio.


Will My Policy Be Cancelled If I File a Homeowner Insurance Claim?


Under some circumstances permitted by state law, the insurance company may cancel or non-renew a policy as a result of a claim. This could occur if an insured files multiple claims in a certain time period. Your insurance agent may also be able to give you a better idea of how your claim might affect your status.

If you do not pay the policy premium then the insurance company can cancel you. If you submit a homeowner insurance claim in the first 60 days of the policy inception date then the insurance company can cancel you. And or if you have what is called an increase hazard that causes the insurance company a possible future risk or pay out on another homeowner insurance claim that they fell can be avoided by taking the precautions to fix the problem now. Example: side walk tripping hazard, no hand rail on stairway, live electrical wires dangling in mid air or any other thing that can cause the insurance company to be liable and make payouts on future homeowner insurance claim.


What’s a Public Adjuster, and Do I Need to Hire One?


A public adjuster is your Advocate that protects your interest and assets making sure that you get paid every dollar that you are entitled to under the policy of insurance that you have purchased. 

Public adjusters are private personal claim adjusters and are not associated in any way with your insurance company. For our services, we charge a contingency fee based on the total value of your settlement. Usually our fees are 15-20 Maximum on most homeowner insurance claim.  A good public adjuster will negotiate an homeowner insurance claim settlement allowing you to have enough money to complete the needed repairs minus the fee applied. That is if you get a good public adjuster. There are so many public adjusting firms out on the market right now that just got into the homeowner insurance claim business. Check out references and see if there as been any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and or the Insurance Department.

As a homeowner and policyholder, you owe it to yourself to hire Advocate Public Adjustment public insurance adjusters to settle your homeowner insurance claim. Contact one of our claim representatives right now we are only a phone call away. (215) 364-4546