Dealing with Staff Insurance Adjusters

Dealing with Staff Insurance Adjusters

Feb 9, 2015 by Rick Kinney

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Insurance adjusters are supposedly there to help you, but in reality they are hired by insurance companies to look after their interest not yours. Insurance adjusters are professionals that know how to polish their keywords and terms in order to make it look like they are doing you a favor by giving you a phenomenal deal while actually taking advantage of you and your legitimate claim.

When not working as an staff insurance adjuster, they may be very nice people. To be a staff insurance adjuster requires them to conduct business this way as it is their job.  Therefore, you should be on your guard to protect your own interest. After all insurance companies have their professionals so should you!

Here are some techniques on how to deal with staff insurance adjusters when property damage occurs.

  • Do not sign anything without reading what ever  it is the adjuster wants you to so thoroughly. As a matter of fact tell them to leave whatever it is he/she wants you to sign and inform the adjuster that you will get back to them after you have had the chance to examine the documents. Staff Insurance adjusters are experts in cloaking their statements with policy language that common everyday policy holders do not understand. That is unless you specialize in the insurance industry.  They are also trained to find the smallest of faults with your claim in order to make you feel like you did something wrong, pass guilt so they can limit or lower your property damage insurance claim settlement. Therefore, never take anything they say at face value. There may be hidden verbiage in the documents that waive your rights. So read every line carefully and sign only after you are fully satisfied…or call us. We would be happy to assist in your property damage insurance claim. After all, we have been settling insurance disputes and generating equitable property damage insurance claim settlements for policy holders since 1992. We are your advocate in property damage insurance claims.
  • Do not let the staff adjuster control you or make your claim for you: Staff Insurance Adjusters are very good at influencing their clients. Instead of receiving the full policy benefits stated during the loss inspection, they go back to their office and send you an offer which reduces the amount of loss considerably.  This is a ploy to avoid paying you the replacement cost of your property damage. Adjuster have a way of applying excessive depreciation to a claim and when done it is reduced tremendously. Call us or send us an email because we can help get what you are entitled too. Advocate Public Adjustment (215) 364-4546. Email: or
  • Do not let them intimidate you by using verbiage and keyword terms that you have know understanding of what they mean: Most people have very little knowledge of insurance terms and property damage insurance settlement practices. An staff insurance adjuster usually takes advantage of this situation and intimidates you into agreeing to their company’s offer instead of one that is rightfully owed under the policy benefits for that policy.  You are dealing with corporate America and to them it is all about the bottom line.  If you receive a property damage claim settlement that you are not in agreement with then request the release of the “Good Faith’ offer. Make certain not to sign anything at all until you are fully 100% satisfied. If you are having any insurance disputes at all then reject their offer and contact us immediately. We can intervene and get you what you rightfully deserve as your advocate. One call does it all. (215) 364-4546.
  • Do not let staff insurance adjusters influence the inspection time and date: You are the policy holder that pas the premium. You are the customer or named insured, so set the time and date that you know you will not be pressured for time. Insurance adjusters may ask to meet you early in the morning when you are in a hurry and lay out their terms and conditions. This is a technique to put pressure on you knowing that it usually works with unsuspecting insureds. So do not let them determine the time. Once again, ask to meet them when you have plenty of free time.
  • Do not let staff insurance adjusters reassign your claim to another adjuster: By assigning the claim to many different persons make the claim file confusing to you and then you get frustrated because of the length of time. They beat you up by delaying the policy benefits and settlement that you truly deserve. After being frustrated to the point you just settle what they give you. This is a tactic and formula that works for them not you! Delaying property damage insurance claim settlements can be a strict violation of the state claims practice act. We can help you if you fell that your claim is taking too long to settle and if you are getting the adjuster run around.
  • Request their insurance estimate in writing. That’s right send the adjust an email requesting his /her valuation report per the inspection date he/she was out to verify the property damage.    Let them make the and then contact us for a FREE Review. No Obligations at all.

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