Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Property Damage

Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Property Damage



Property Damage Claims Consulting Service


Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Service

Personal Real Time 1-on-1 Coaching:

Our Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Service gives you one on one coaching opinions that are specific to your type of property damage. By following our opinions and course of action designed just for you, you will receive the benefits that quickly give you the knowledge and understanding you’ll need when dealing with your insurance company or insurance adjuster.

Our Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Service gives you real time answers to real time problems. Figure out what is the next best move for you to make. Also be able to clarify your policy type and the verbiage used in the insurance industry.

Property Claim Tip professionals will explain the specific details so that you fully understand what you are up against. Learn how to combat lengthily stalling tactics and learn why it is important to document your claim. Understand what to do if you are a victim and need hurricane sandy claims consulting service you are not in agreement with the offered amount and a pricing dispute develops.

Each day from 9am-5pm EST, our Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Service team helps homeowners and business owners navigate the insurance claim process. Our Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Service team works in terms of units (1 unit = 30 minutes).

No Matter if you sustained  Flood Damage, Wind Damage, Fallen Trees – Structural Damage, and or a Fire we have the opinions and course of action for you.

AVOID Public Adjuster Fees…10%-20% for Flood Claims!

Get Claims Consulting Service  Save Time Save Money

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We have over 22 Years Insurance Claim Settlement Experience. You can get through this on your own with the right information and help. Why pay 10%-20% of your claim proceeds to a public adjuster. The insurance company is not going to add in the public adjuster fees to the bottom line of your claim. This fee will come out of your settlement. Yes it is true that a good public adjuster will get more money than what the insurance company wants to offer up. We have that knowledge to convey to you.

Follow our advice and opinions and get through this horrific ordeal the best way that you can possibly can and by saving precious amounts of money. Your money….you are gong to need every penny. The NFIP program and flood policy are very limited as to what they pay for. That said you are already going to be without money and behind the eight ball. Why give more money away that is desperately needed?

Our cost for 22+ years of claims knowledge is very reasonable. You cant afford to be with out our Claims Consulting Package.  What happens if you have a pricing discrepancy? Do you know what to do? We do !!!

What if the insurance company is delaying your claim and acting in Bad Faith?

You are the one that has the burden to prove your claim. What are you claiming? Never let the insurance company adjuster be the only one to compile an estimate for damages and say this is it.


Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Service for property damage caused by flooding, wind, and or fallen tress is a fantastic way to educate yourself with regards to insurance claims. After all it is your money and property we are speaking about here. Take a moment and ask yourself where you are at present with the flood claim process, wind damage claim process, or both.  If you do not have public adjuster representation then ask yourself if you really know what the next move is when you receive the flood adjusters estimate? If you are not in agreement with the offer do you really know what to do next?

If you have a public adjuster representing you with the flood damage ask that public adjuster to give you a copy of his or her estimate that was submitted to the flood adjuster – flood claims department. See if the adjuster was successful in getting you items that the flood adjuster from FEMA offered and what the differences are between the two estimates.

Public adjusters that take first time settlement offers and who are not qualified to negotiate flood claims are not doing you the service that you might think that they are. All they want is the 10% -20% commission of your benefits. For Example: if the flood waters were high enough to damage the base cabinets in your kitchen but the flood waters did not reach the wall cabinets then all you are going to get is the replacement of base cabinets regardless of the public adjuster. The public adjuster is not going to be able to get you paid for the upper wall cabinets but he – she is going to be applying their fee schedule to your base cabinets. Which is not fair in my eyes even though I am a public Adjuster. Taking money from so many flood victims that their lives are truly devastated is not ethical in my eyes. That is why I developed our Hurricane Sandy Claims Consulting Service.

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