Receive Professional Public Adjuster Help with a Home Insurance Claim from Advocate Public Adjustment

Receive Professional Public Adjuster Help with a Home Insurance Claim from Advocate Public Adjustment

In the aftermath of all the winter storms that we have been experiencing this winter (2014) such as ice storms, fallen trees damaging homes, frozen pipes bursting causing severe water damage to a home and or personal property, fire damage, ice damming roof leaks, wind damage to roof and siding systems and or other major perils insured against, homeowners should never have to worry about how to regain the standard of living they enjoyed before disaster struck, in addition to getting their property restored to  apre-loss condition. Advocate Public Adjustment will maximize the home insurance claim settlement making sure you receive the money necessary to repair your home completely.

We generate fair, equitable property damage insurance claim settlements that you deserve from an insurance company at competitive fees. On average our fees range from 15-20% but for larger losses we can negotiate that down to a standard that is reasonable.  After all we are your Advocate in Property Damage Insurance Claim Settlements.

Typically homeowner insurance claims are not as simple as just filing the claim and waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. It requires a claims investigation of the building’s interior and exterior, which means digging deep to uncover hidden damage that could potentially be overlooked by a staff adjuster or independent claims adjuster working for the insurance company.

It requires thorough written and photographic documentation of the visible and hard-to-find damage. It requires using the evidence gathered during the investigation to negotiate with the insurance company making sure you are paid what is rightfully owed.

It often requires overcoming stalling or de-layment practices that insurance companies use and also drafting rebuttal letters to refute low ball offers and rejecting property damage estimates that do not depict the correct scope of damage cutting through bureaucratic red tape. Advocate Public Adjustment will handle every aspect of your claim from start to finish making sure you receive every dollar that you are entitled too.

A home insurance claim must be considered within the context of the extent of the damage, the cause of the damage, and the policy language that describes what is covered. A typical homeowner’s policy covers:

  • The building or dwelling itself under (COVERAGE A-DWELLING)
  • The building’s contents under (COVERAGE C-PERSONAL PROPERTY)
  • Additional living expenses if you cannot maintain the standard of living you and your family were a custom to living under (COVERAGE D- LOSS OF USE)
  • Law and ordinance coverage or codes upgrade coverage which is usually 10% of the building limit of liability.

When it comes to the COVERAGE A – DWELLING portion of the claim Advocate Public Adjustment will provide a unit cost estimate that is used in the insurance claims industry. This itemizes every part of the repair /rebuild process needed to restore your property back to a pre-loss condition. Therefore if your home is damaged by a wind storm, fire, flood, hurricane, or other destructive event then we have you covered as your advocate in property damage insurance claims.

Far too often many home insurance claims are underpaid. Insurance company representatives have a unique way of overlooking damage that can expand on the settlement offer increasing your payout.

This of course is unacceptable and as Your Advocate we make certain that this does not happen. Our services include locating and substantiating the origin and cause of loss, uncovering hidden and hard-to-find damage and, when necessary, calling upon our deep network of engineers, emergency service vendors, and other trained specialists to provide their specific areas of expertise to protect your assets and property from further damage.

The portion of a homeowner insurance claim that is most often under evaluated is contents or personal property. In this, the aid of a public adjuster can be particularly valuable for policyholders. The process of documenting damaged and lost contents is a massive undertaking that consists of inventorying, pricing, and arriving at the proper depreciation value for each and every item.

COVERAGE C – Personal Property claims can be complex if the contents have been severely damaged or destroyed. We have conducted thousands of these investigations, and have developed the process into almost an art form. Keep in mind, also, that the insurance company’s interpretation of a lost or damaged item’s value might differ from the amount required to replace it.

For example, a TV bought seven years ago might be recorded at its depreciated value, rather than the $cost to purchase a similar TV today. We can negotiate a higher payment for that television, or for unique items that are difficult to valuate.

In addition, Advocate Public Adjustment will negotiate with the insurance company plus request an advance payment on a portion of the contents damage so clients have the funds to replace damaged clothing, damaged furniture, and ordinary day-to-day items required to maintain your standard of living while gong through the home insurance claim process.

Under COVERGAE D- Loss of Use…The coverage for additional living expenses helps displaced policyholder’s and their family members maintain a reasonable standard of living while they wait for their property to be repaired or rebuilt.

Claims involving this type of coverage with regards to homeowner insurance claim can be tedious and time-consuming, but Advocate Public Adjustment will take the stress and headaches from you and handle it. This is part of the service we offer at competitive fees.

We don not apply our fees to expenses, such as rent for an apartment or temporary housing, this portion of a policy covers increased food expenses, and other, less-obvious items, such as excess mileage on cars incurred because of the loss. We advise our clients to keep a record and to document their additional living expenses and keep receipts, mileage, and other increased costs for day to day expenses.

Advocate Public Adjustment uses a unique combination of experience and knowledge of the insurance claims process to serve as advocates for our clients. Our goal is to make sure that the policyholder receives the largest settlement possible from their insurance company. We have negotiated millions of dollars in property damage insurance claim settlements on behalf of our clients.

We have an A+ BBB rating and Angies List profile. We have been practicing property damage insurance claim settlements since 1992.

We assist policyholder’s / named insureds by:

  • Performing the daily monitoring and legwork necessary to advance the claim. This includes communication with the insurance company, attending on-site meetings, submitting documents and forms, etc.
  • Assuring that all the duties, terms, and responsibilities of filing a home insurance claim are adhered to according to the specific terms of the insurance policy
  • Presenting the claims package to the insurance company, supported by scientific evidence, detailed estimates with proper supporting documentation, in-depth deficiency reports and professional testimony
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to ensure our clients receive the largest settlement possible

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