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Residential Insurance Claim....Benefits!





Understanding your Policy... Do you really know your policy? Do you think for one minute just because you have property damage your insurance company is going to pay for it. THINK AGAIN





Documenting your claim file...everything you do must be in writing. From notifying the claim, communicating with the insurance staff adjuster, independent adjuster or preferred vendor. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING





Estimating Property Damage on a Unit Cost the insurance industry every line item is detailed to the quantity, description of item, unit cost per (SF) Square Foot, (LF) Linear Foot, (SY) Square Yards, (EA) Each, (MC) Minimum Charge etc...





Price Resolution...just because your insurance company says that they are paying XXX amount does not mean that you have to accept that offer. You do have options!!! Find out what they are right now. Why wait




Residential Insurance Claims

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