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Sellersville Public Adjuster Insurance Claim Services

No Settlement | No Fee | No Obligations
Public Adjuster Fire

No Insurance Claim Settlement, No Fee

Our Sellersville public adjuster services are based on contingency fees, which basically mean we get paid only when you get paid. No insurance claim settlement? No fee for us. Let our team of experienced and professional public adjusters help you maximize your home insurance claim settlement.

Lightning Damage

Lowest Industry Fees – Only 5%-20%

Our fees come in much lower than other, more expensive public adjuster services. Our mission is to help restore the homes, properties, and lives of our clients – not pinch pennies for profits.

Fallen Tree Damage

Representing homeowners, not the insurance company

Our home insurance claim experts we will make sure that you receive everything needed to maximize your insurance claim settlement. We’ll also prepare your estimate and provide any settlement documents needed in order to successfully notify and submit your home insurance claim.

Why Choose our Sellersville Public Adjusters? 
Higher Settlements.

Public Adjuster PA

We deliver one of the best public adjusting services while delivering excellence in customer service. It is what we are known for in the Sellersville area.

Cost-effective Services

Low fees of 5%-20%, depending on the severity of affected area. We'll create a custom estimate based on our evaluation of the damaged property - which is almost always more accurate than some of our competitors

Licensed & Insured

Our team of public adjusting employees is licensed and insured within the states of PA & NJ. You and your property are no longer at risk when you partner with Advocate Public Adjustment.

Professional & Experienced

Our adjusters take pride in the work they do. They are insurance claim experts with years of experience. They go above and beyond to deliver an extraordinary experience from start to finish.

Sellersville Public Adjuster Insurance Claim Management

Our public adjusters at Advocate Public Adjustment quickly take charge and ensure you are protected after experiencing property damage.


Advocate’s licensed public adjusters in PA will manage every aspect of your property damage insurance claim. We service the Sellersville area and will be available anytime to give you peace of mind throughout this challenging time. We handle home insurance claims of all sizes, so there is no claim that is too large or too small. Advocate Public Adjustment insurance adjusters have been negotiating insurance claims on behalf of Pennsylvania residents & business owners since 1992. Whether it’s fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, wind damage or any other type of property damage, our team is prepared to negotiate on your behalf and fight for every dollar you’re legally entitled. Put more money back in your pocket for repairing your home or business.


Our Sellersville public adjusters will immediately protect your property from further damage and provide emergency services to your property, as needed. If relocation is necessary during the restoration process, we’ll arrange for temporary housing solutions and ensure the insurance company provides emergency funds for living expenses, such as food, shelter, clothing, and other everyday essentials.

Sellersville’s Best Insurance Adjusters

Advocate public adjusters will come out to review any type of property damage, free of charge. We’ll negotiate with the insurance company and review the final settlement offer with you for your damaged property. We’ll make sure you receive everything you’re legally entitled. Ultimately, as your public adjuster we’ll maximize your insurance claim settlement offer.


You’ll be provided with the all documentation throughout the process which quickly & clearly outlines everything included in your insurance claim. There will be no out of pocket fees paid to Advocate Public Adjustment for any of our services. Instead, we charge a low, 5-20% contingency fee, which basically translates to “we only get paid when you get paid.”


Call Advocate Public Adjustment at 215-364-4546 when your Sellersville property suffers property damage.

Home Insurance Claim FAQ

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What do public adjusters do?

A public adjuster is an independent insurance professional that a policyholder may hire to evaluate property damages, and to negotiate a proper insurance settlement for the damages sustained by a covered loss for the named insured policyholder.

What are the benefits in hiring a public adjuster?

Professional representation, maximum settlements, taking control and acting within the policy as to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities that the policyholder must comply with property damage occurs. Furthermore, understanding the claim process from start to finish serving your best interest. Remember public adjuster do not work for the insurance company and their fees are a direct result of the settlement they negotiate. No settlement no fee.

What are the fees for a public adjuster?

That all depends on the amount of damage and what kind of claim is being submitted. The worse the damage the lessor the fee is typically. Advocate Public Adjustment starts their fee base at 5% and go as high as 20% depending on the circumstance.

Should I notify the insurance company of my property damage?

Well it is better if you contact Advocate Public Adjustment first before notifying the insurance company. Remember that all calls are recorded, and you might not have a policy that covers the type of damage sustained. You are better off having a public adjuster review your policy first making sure you have a covered loss. No sense contacting the insurance company if you do not have a insurable loss. This would only hurt you.

What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance adjuster?

Public adjusters works strictly for the policyholder named insured for a contingency percentage fee arrangement. Public adjusters can only be involved with first party insurance claims. Insurance adjusters represent the insurance company and they know who butters their bread. Staff adjuster are employees of the insurance company. Independent adjusters work for many insurance companies as a sub-contractor that does not have the authority to issue checks or state what is and isn’t covered.

What are the problems, or types of damage, a public adjuster can help with?

Advocate Public Adjustment public adjusters are skilled professionals on every type of claim imaginable. Since 1992 we have been settling property damage insurance claims for the policy holder. Fire, smoke, wind, hail, water, theft, vandalism, business interruption, loss of rents, loss of income, and much more…

Do you service my area?

Advocate Public Adjustment services six counties, including: Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and Berks County.

A Few Insurance Providers We’re Experienced With, and Many More

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History of Sellersville

Sellersville is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 4,249 at the 2010 census. Sellersville is part of Pennridge School District

Sellersville was founded in the early 18th century. It was centered on a major road known as Bethlehem Pike that connected Philadelphia to Bethlehem and the rest of what was then far Western Pennsylvania. The town was very small and was called Sellers Tavern. Its most notable feature was a large inn. The present Washington House in Sellersville, however, was not Sellers Tavern. The town grew slowly over the years until the Industrial Revolution. In the 1860s the North Pennsylvania Railroad was built, running parallel to Bethlehem Pike: this stimulated the growth of light textile industries and brought a wave of population growth.

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Learn more about what a public adjuster can do you for you.  Find a licensed public insurance adjuster in the Sellersville area to start filing your insurance claim. Call 215-364-4546 to determine if you need to hire a public adjuster or not.